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On The Boards

Ridgeland Residence

A 3 story 3 bedroom/ 3 1/2 bath residence. The ground floor will be reserved for parking. The 1st floor shall have a foyer, kitchen, pantry,  great room, dining and 2 guest suites with bath. The 2nd floor shall be the master suite and include the laundry.. an office and a roof top terrace.  The residence will have staircase and elevator from ground to 2nd floor.  The design will contain decks which will placed according to site and sun considerations. The client famously acknowledged that he was "trying to get 10 lbs of "stuff" into a 5lb bag!"

Ladys Island Residence 2

Design a 3 bedroom/ 2-1/2 bathrooms 1 story residence. It will include a front porch and a rear porch area with an outdoor cooking area. The design will also include an attic area with a dedicated staircase

Bluffton Residence

An open concept with generous spaces... 3 bedrooms/ 3 bath.

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