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Design Process

1. Contact

2. Proposal/ Contract

3. Gather Needed Information

4. Initial Design

5. Preliminary Plan Approval

6. Preliminary Pricing

7. Final Plan Approval

8. Engineering

9. Construction Documents

The 1st step is for you... the client Twingi Architecture to discuss your project. If the project is an addition or renovation... or has unique site conditions.. I would come out for a site visit.

I'll send you a proposal... if everything looks good I will then send you a contract

I will next gather information needed for design including site plan.. code research... HOA requirements...  and come out to the site if pictures and measurements are needed.

From conservations with you about your wants and desires I will start designing your project. This will be a back and forth process until we get what you want.

Once we get there.....

We will give your plans to your builder to get a preliminary price. If your project needs to be adjusted for your budget this when we make those changes.

I will create even more detailed drawings and fianalise details with you.

We will give the engineer the drawing for them to create the stamped set.

I will take the engineers drawings to adjust and finalise the set. This set will be given to your builder to submit for the building permit.

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